Spain and Portugal Cross-Border Touring Holidays

Spain & Portugal, with their richly intertwined histories and cultures, each make wonderful touring destinations – but why choose? With our specially designed cross-border touring holidays you can visit both countries in one tour and get the best of both worlds!

Follow the Camino de Santiago or retrace Wellington’s footsteps; discover the Roman province of Lusitania or marvel at the mighty fortresses thrown up on either side of the border by centuries of conflict – the border-lands of Spain & Portugal are a treasure-trove of rich experiences.

Duero or Douro, Albariño or Albarinho, Extremadura or Estremadura… as you cross from one country to the other you’ll find fascinating similarities and delightful differences at which to marvel. And wherever you go you’ll find world-class wines and gastronomy as well as a warm welcome from the local people.

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Cross-border travel made easy

Numerous flights from the UK and worldwide direct to Spain & Portugal mean that the Iberian Peninsula has never been easier to get to.

Our fly-drive tours are designed to start and finish in the same country, avoiding the problem of cross-border rentals, whilst our ‘Porto Run’ ferry-drive tour ties in with the direct ferry crossings to Santander or Bilbao.

Take one of our cross-border tours and enjoy two fascinating countries in one wonderful trip!

Independent self-drive touring with all the info and support you need
Bespoke itineraries – designed and organised by our experts
Fly to Spain or Portugal and we’ll include a hire car
Stay in delightful, independent small hotels

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Detailed map of PO7 Santander to Porto Circular Tour

The Porto Run – Santander to Porto PO7

Santander to Porto & back in two weeks

Based on 14 nights self-drive independent tour in Portugal and Spain

Mid-season from
Detailed map of PO3 Camino Portugues from Porto Tour

Camino Portugues, Porto to Santiago Tour PO3

Porto to Santiago by the coastal route

Based on 10 nights self-drive independent tour in Portugal

Mid-season from
Detailed map of PO5 Madrid Porto Santiago Tour

Madrid – Porto – Santiago PO5

From Madrid via North Portugal to Santiago

Based on 14 nights self-drive independent tour in Portugal and Spain

Mid-season from
Map of cross-border Spain Portugal Itinerary

Lusitania Romana – Cross-border Tour PO17

Central Portugal and Spanish Extremadura in one trip

Based on 14 nights self-drive independent tour in Portugal and Spain

Mid-season from
Detailed map of PO6 Cross Border Tour North Portugal and Spain

A Taste of Two Countries PO6

North Portugal and North-west Spain

Based on 12 nights self-drive independent tour in Portugal and Spain

Mid-season from
Detailed map of PO8 Camino Portugues from Lisboa Tour

Camino Portugues – Lisboa to Santiago PO8

The Portuguese Way, Lisboa to Santiago

Based on 14 nights self-drive independent tour in Spain & Portugal

Mid-season from

Bespoke Portuguese Touring Holidays

Our expert team will help you plan your trip – adapting the route to fit with your flights, taking into account your personal needs and interests be it gastronomy, bird watching, wine tasting, Baroque architecture, trekking in the mountains… you name it!

Our northern Portuguese tours cover Porto, the Douro Valley wine region, the Peneda-Geres National Park, historic towns and cities including Braga and Guimaraes and the Costa Verde – Minho coast with Viana do Castelo at its heart. To really get to grips with the north of Portugal the Caminando North Portugal combining city stops & natural highlights, is the one for you.

South of the Douro we have several tours to discover the Centro de Portugal, a lesser-known but fascinating region including the country’s highest mountains, its oldest University and no less than five World Heritage sites! And further south still we have wonderful tours to discover Portugal’s vibrant capital Lisboa and the Alto Alentejo including the amazing city of Évora

For a short tour focusing on cities and culture, we’d recommend our Cities of Portugal tour which takes in Lisboa, Coimbra and Porto. To focus on the north the Taste of north Portugal tour is ideal or in the south the Lisboa, Alentejo, Estremadura tour.

Some tours loosely follow the Camino de Santiago. A shorter tour from Porto to Santiago takes 10 days whilst the full tour from Lisboa to Santiago takes a fortnight.

For wine lovers our independent tour of the Douro Valley which takes in Porto as well as the Douro and Alto Douro valleys is a must. To get a little off the beaten track we also offer a tour of Porto, Douro and Dão which takes in the charming city of Viseu at the heart of the Dão wine region. And our tours into the Alentejo offer the chance to sample some of the country’s finest wines

To combine the charms of Portugal with those of Spain we have devised a ‘dash’ from Santander to Porto and back via the coast- ideally suited for those coming by ferry. Alternatively you might want to try the Best of the North-West tour or North-west Iberia with Madrid – or, of course the Camino Portugues to Santiago.

Find out about our tours, the different regions, our interests and our one week tours or longer holidays.